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At ProStar, our goal is simple: effectively coordinate and manage your off-the-field affairs so you can confidently play your best on the field! We never lose sight of the fact that each client is our top priority.

ProStar's core services feature our ability to consistently negotiate some of the biggest and best contracts in the business. Ultimately, our ability to maximize your income potential is our number one job as your agent.

Like any great team, we've got a plan for every facet of the game...


All contract negotiations are conducted by Paul Sheehy, a ProStar founder and President, who has been certified by the NFL Players Association since 1988, and is one of a very small and elite group of NFL agents who have 25 years or more experience. Paul has negotiated hundreds of NFL Playing Contracts, and has handled dozens of NFL injury settlements, grievances, and NFL fine appeals, and handles any legal or contractual issue which arise throughout a client's career.


ProStar takes an aggressive approach to marketing & endorsements, public speaking engagements, and other off-the-field opportunities. Under the direction of Warren Schmidt, a ProStar founder and Senior Vice President, we have secured client opportunities with companies such as Nike, Palm Beach Autographs, UnderArmour, Reebok, Tri-Star Memorabilia, Red Bull, Oakley, Falcone, Prince, CB Sports, Met-Rx, Stromgren Supports, 1Xcel, Powerbar and others.


The smart veteran NFL player knows that as he gets older, his off-season training changes to keep his body in NFL-ready shape. We are here to help find and arrange for various off-season training centers, personal trainers, coaches to keep you on top of your game, whether you are looking for a return to old school training methods, or are looking for the most cutting edge and modern training approaches.


ProStar maintains strict compliance with NFL Players Association regulations and (a) does not handle or manage our client's money, and (b) only refers our clients to NFLPA Registered Financial Advisors. We offer our clients proven, trusted referrals, and we never accept a referral fee from the financial advisor you select. Ever. We tell the financial advisors we refer to our clients that the very best "thank you" they can give to us is to treat our client's right. Period.


The NFL benefit package for vested players is one of the best in all of professional sports. It is also complex and requires oversight long after your playing career is over. Medical, health, and dental insurance; veteran termination pay; your health reimbursement account; severance pay; player annuity; pension; second-career savings (401(k)) plan; performance pay; injury protection benefit; various disability benefits including those for joint replacements, dementia, concussion effects, etc.; life insurance; and many other benefits which you will carry with you for the rest of our life. We're here for you long after your playing days are done, providing expert support, assistance and advise in all of these areas.


While each contract may contain certain salary guarantees which we negotiate, or which are assured through the Collective Bargaining Agreement in one form or another, whenever there is nonguaranteed compensation at risk, we are able to work with the world's leading insurers (Lloyd's of London, Chubb, etc.) to provide you with options to obtain additional contract salary protection through career ending insurance.


Helmet-to-helmet hit on Sunday? $25,000 fine on Tuesday. Wearing your game socks too low? $10,000 disappears from your paycheck. Those are typical of the fines you are exposed to as a player in the NFL, and we are ready to defend you and appeal those and any other which may pop up from time to time during your career. In addition, we coordinate and initiate any number of injury or non-injury grievance proceedings on your behalf to enforce your rights.


We take great pride in helping our clients prepare for "when the cheering stops", life after the NFL. Our career transition objectives begin as soon as you enter the League. We are very proactive in educating and assisting our clients prepare for life after the NFL during each off-season through internships, job shadows, and numerous networking and educational opportunities including such NFL/NFLPA programs as Continuing Education (degree completion with tuition reimbursement), Broadcast Bootcamp, Sports Journalism and Communication Bootcamp, Music & Film Industry bootcamps, Coaching Internships, unique Business Management & Entrepreneurial executive training programs offered at such prestigious universities as Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, Penn, and Georgia Tech to name a few.


Your visibility, notoriety, and resources available as a player in the NFL can be very impactful in the community, and for any number of causes which interest you. Whether it's setting up and helping you build your own nonprofit organization, or helping you make a difference through individual appearances, donations, and support, we are here to help manage and coordinate all of these off-the-field endeavors.